Earn Value Management Support

Transtecs has continued to support Major Commands that require the deployment of an EVMS to manage and execute multiyear, large programs. EVMS processes are a core business and management practice for Transtecs Corporation. We employ an integrated ANSI/EIA 748-B compliant EVMS integrated with our ISO 9001:2008 certified program management process to each and every project and program we manage, and, have successfully implemented this approach on more than 20,000 tasks and projects.

Our EVMS and ISO 9001:20008 approach is designed to provide visibility into the true progress of the Prime Contractor’s performance, progress, and work against the budget, projections of anticipated project schedule and cost trends, and has the ability to take timely corrective actions for undesired variances.

Transtecs’ EVMS-ISO 9001:20008 approach delivers a structured, systematic approach to earn value and schedule analysis, and we coordinate and communicate our efforts with our customers weekly. We facilitate or participate in Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBR), or added required reviews to verify baselines and to capture overall analysis scope.

We provide EVM inputs to various programmatic reporting processes to our customers, and capture, prepare, and present EVM metrics and reporting to program leadership as required. It is Transtecs’ EVMS policy to graph the data to identify any trends. We analyze and submit EVM data graphically to see performance trends, plot current and cumulative EVM data, and track the use of reserves for a complete view of program status. We provide the graphical inputs and data to our customer’s reporting systems.