Enterprise Resource Planning

Transtecs delivers support within the ERP environment. Whether it is Program Management, Warehousing, and Financial Support, Transtecs conduct all operations, audits, material inventory, budget/funding, and business/financial support within the ERP functionality in accordance with established regulations.

Transtecs provides sustainment and end-user support as well as technical guidance for ERP based processes including MILSTRIP, procurement of parts, inventory management, establishing material masters, resolving HEAT tickets, Project Stock and Plant stock procurements, goods receipts, goods issues, stock transfers, pick list review, and warehouse management business processes.

We deliver support in developing technical work packages and work breakdown structures in support of programs, projects, and technical support. Transtecs accomplish our ERP support by developing Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), Networks, and Activities in support of ERP solution. Our experienced ERP professionals have the knowledge of the functional ERP requirements of the planning process from both a project and corporate perspective.

Transtecs currently support by:

  • Standardizing business and warehouse processes and data gathering
  • Improving ERP experiences by simplifying training materials and knowledge management tools
  • Enhancing ERP service delivery by focusing on an environment to lower support costs
  • Establish and document Internal Controls and Standard Operating Procedures necessary for ERP process audit

We also support the ongoing efforts associated with the deployment and training of ERP solutions. This support includes preparing training packages and related materials, conducting classroom exercises, and proving hands-on training support to the ERP user community.