Supply & Warehousing Solution

Transtecs has a 25-year experience providing responsive supply and warehousing solutions to our 30 + customers. In each warehousing operation, we effectively utilize our ISO 9001 certified procedure of receiving, inspecting, and warehousing items. Our approach has earned us awards from the Government; and Transtecs will continue to strive and focus on process improvement—accomplishing more with fewer resources, streamlining supply services and warehousing processes by reducing inefficiencies, waste, and improving productivity.

Transtecs Supply and Warehousing solutions are vital to keep our customers supplied with the materials they need to advance the state of their operations in addition to keeping administrators and support personnel working effectively to maintain a productive work environment. Our ISO 9001-based management and quality approach will integrate and fully address the philosophy and operational concerns of your organization. We implement and deliver numerous key requirements and considerations while addressing your Supply and Warehousing needs, including:

  • Implement a highly responsive and service oriented organization that efficiently and effectively delivers services
  • Quickly adapt to changing workloads and environmental dynamics
  • Efficiently and swiftly move workforce to the workload
  • Balance cost and service
  • Meet the unique and diverse demands of your services and requirements
  • Function within the scope of your environment

Our supply and warehouse operations services include :


Transtecs Corporation will be obtaining and inspecting all incoming materials, furniture, exhibits, etc., and note any visible loss, damage, and/or other discrepancy.


We will prepare property for shipment and delivery, including shipment and delivery of property, items stored, and any other property designated. Property Accountability – Application of Transtecs property decal or LOT number to all accountable item.

Warehouse Inventory

Maintenance of warehouse inventory will be taken care of, including identifying data necessary to prepare reports on excess items. We use LOT numbers and RFIDs to ensure timely and accurate storage and selection of items during shipping. We deliver an optimum use of storage space through facility planning; and, ensure an accurate, current, and complete inventory data on all items using our Inventory Accountability Software (IAS).

Hazardous Material (HM)

Transtecs tracks all supplies containing hazardous materials brought onto your facility using our Hazardous Material Management Software (HMMS). We receive, issue, inspect, and distribute supplies containing hazardous material using applicable Hazardous Waste Management and/or current environmental, federal, and local regulations. We store and handle property in a manner that is safe, secure, and in compliance with environmental directives.