Manufacturing Operations

Transtecs Corporation Aerospace Systems division is the Product Development Center of Excellence that believes in providing its customers with excellent customer service. Too often we run across customers who have been let down by previous contract manufactures -- consistently late deliveries, low quality standards, and lack of communication are common complaints. TRANTECS WORKS AT SOLVING DIFFICULT PROBLEMS and MEETING CUSTOMER NEEDS.

We offer invaluable Department of Defense (DoD) and federal agency experience through our experts to provide Engineering and Technical solutions. Our team of Subject Matter Experts operates in mission-critical DoD commands to plan, develop, manage, operate, and maintain weapon systems, aircraft components, machine assemblies, and to create value for the agency and their customers.

Quality Assurance Evaluation

Contract manufacturing; rapid response price competitive solutions that integrate manufacturing and engineering

  • Quality: Transtecs creates products to our customers’ specifications. Unclear elements are resolved prior to job commencement; prints and files are carefully scrutinized. We are available to make suggestions regarding materials, engineering, design, and manufacturing technologies to create parts. We perform thorough inspections using quality measuring devices. Quality is embedded in Transtecs DNA.
  • Delivery: Transtecs continuously meets and exceeds our customers’ delivery deadlines. We are known as a highly capable aerospace manufacture able to deliver exceedingly short turnarounds. All phases of the manufacturing cycle are completed, on-time and within budget.
  • Pricing: Transtecs provides competitive bidding on all required quotes. We avoid last minute surprises by researching all costs involved in the manufacture of any product. TRANSTECS AVOIDS UNNESSARY DELAYS by OBTAINING ACCURATE PRICING PRIOR TO RECIEVEING AN ORDER. This generally results of not being able to meet their customer's deadlines or quality standards. We remain competitive in the marketplace while providing all the necessary components of a successful manufacturing run.