Information Modernization

Transtecs' Information Modernization capabilities and services assist the U.S Department of Defense and Federal Agencies in transforming historical paper documents into an electronic format. Our transformation business processes and strategies simultaneously provide two levels of support, large-scale and on-demand modernization of paper records, while delivering uninterrupted services to our customers.

Paper Data Conversion

We use comprehensive modernization solutions to include approaches for document retrieval and capture, data scanning conversion operations, image storage, and data retrieval and tracking. Our solution focuses on change management and process reengineering to achieve operational excellence, and acquisition of technologies to enable automation, expansion of operational capabilities, and improved mission services.

Transtecs offers advice, support, and management (Program, Change, and Configuration) to clients concerning:

Paper Record Conversion:

  • Document and Record Preparation — through past and current experience and understanding, Transtecs experts anticipate a wide variety of document types, with varying thickness, condition and size. Our document preparation system properly retrieves, reviews for quality, and correctly correlates documents prior to imaging functions.
  • Conversion of historic Paper Records into Electronic Image Format — Transtecs' paper-to-image conversion service offers a comprehensive, cost effective solution to implement, deploy, and use of high-speed systems to capture, store, and retrieve document images and mission data.
  • Event-Driven, Time-Sensitive, and Prioritized Conversion Approaches — we implement planning, scheduling, equipment procurement, integration, and enhanced quality review strategies for expedited on-demand and customized data conversion requirements.

Electronic Document Tracking:

  • Automated Document and Data Retrieval - Transtecs' automated retrieval process supports commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tracking systems for large-scale retrieval operations.
  • Paper Records and Electronic Image Tracking - Our tracking system provides real-time visibility of paper records and electronic imaged documents as they move through the conversion process and while in our custody.

Retirement System Modernization:

  • Information Modernization - Transtecs has complementary disciplines, tools, and techniques to modernize an organization's information. We currently manage more than 500 million records and conduct more than 2 million record retrieval actions annually.