Commitment to Quality

At Transtecs, quality management principles, improvement methods, tools, and processes institutionalize quality throughout the organization and at every phase of contract and task order operations. Important to quality institutionalization is the use of the Transtecs ISO-EVM Quality System.

As a matter of corporate philosophy, Transtecs has embedded a certified ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and an Earned Value Management System (EVMS), compliant to ANSI/EIA-748-B guidelines, across our business segments.

Our Corporate Objective is to conduct our business in a manner that consistently conforms to and exceeds our customer’s expectations. The Transtecs ISO-EVM Quality System is used as the primary method of assuring the quality of services not only meets our customer’s needs, but also exceeds their expectations.

Transtecs’ quality system combines best practices into a solution system of processes, procedures, tools, technologies, and measurements to reduce variations and cost.

We perform ten ISO-EVM core process and integrated activities to reduce variations, waste, and cost:
  1. Capture stakeholder expectations and quality objectives of the various program and initiatives
  2. Coordinating with the government stakeholders to establish quality objectives by deciding the scope, budget, schedule, and frequency of quality assessments and reporting policies
  3. Develop a Quality Management Plan that captures program requirements and objectives
  4. Execute and maintain the processes defined in the Quality Management Plan
  5. Verify that the program results meet our defined quality standards and methodologies (e.g., ISO, PMI, EVM, and Six Sigma)
  6. Maintain the quality environment/culture of the program through training and incentives
  7. Establish and monitor performance metrics for program objectives;
  8. Implement any needed program improvements
  9. Establishing quality management processes that include predictive actions, monitoring, and assessing performance;
  10. Conducting periodic Quality Management, Predictive, Corrective, and Preventive Action Reviews

By reducing variations, we achieve cost-saving goals, complete requirements on-schedule, improve our quality, and provide the foundation for process standardization, which is important to achieving customer satisfaction.

The underlining philosophy of Transtecs ISO-EVM Quality System is the emphasis on customer satisfaction, focus, and the elimination of anything that does not add value to our customer.