Transtecs Advantage

Quality — Transtecs is the Small Business of choice for the full range of engineering and management oriented business integrated projects in both the public and private sectors. We are recognized for the quality of our services and have improved processes using our integration of Earn Value Management and ISO 9001 compliant and certified procedures. A majority of our customers contact us for additional work, offering further testament to our strong reputation and the value we provide to our customers.

Experience — With more than 20 years of experience, Transtecs offers engineering and management skill base and oversight commitment to apply our proven capability to support program objectives. Our insights and understanding of requirements regularly translate into cost savings and performance efficiencies measurable in terms of reduced learning curves, quality of service, and effective use of information technologies. We strive to hire and maintain skilled professionals, allowing Transtecs to be a premier provider of quality services to our customers. We have served civilian, military, and government agencies in programs covering a wide range of logistics support, engineering, program management, human resources, and administrative services.

Skilled Professionals — Transtecs‘s multidisciplinary team works with our customers to support the war fighters, government agencies and commercial industries on a day-to-day basis. We provide a broad range of services such as integrated logistics support, systems engineering, engineering services, installation solutions, information technology support, professional services, human capital, and financial and acquisition support among others. Our team includes distinguished scientists, research analysts, psychologists, financial analysts, warehouse facilitators, and other professionals with experience in performance improvement and change initiatives.

Well-Defined Management Practices — Transtecs has spent years improving our EVM – ISO 9001 management practices with the goal of developing a quality product that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations, delivered on time and within budget. In so doing, Transtecs has won back most, if not all, of our contracts from existing clients. This proves that Transtecs delivers what we promise and achieves customer satisfaction.