Engineering & Integration

Transtecs Engineering Support follows the policy of effective processes and procedures that are consistent with best practices enables products and services to exceed quality, cost, delivery, and specification requirements and expectations.

At Transtecs, we use international and industry-recognized best practices to provide consistency and measurability in engineering, prototyping, and product development for every customer requirements. Our mission statement flows down to each project assuring to our customers that we continuously attempt to MEET, STRIVE, and PROVIDE quality products, competitive pricing, and reliable, on time deliveries.

Engineering Support Includes:

Transtecs’ experienced professionals, modern facility, and state-of-the-art equipment offers the best services available

  • Requirement Assessment - Transtecs project managers sit down with you, our customer, to find out more about your project requirements Reverse Engineering - Our reverse engineering goal is creating an optimized system or product to the one originally analyzed; improving documentation, performance, and reliability through new technology insertion.
  • Technical Design and Analysis Development - Technical Design services include capturing all critical data elements necessary to develop a data package to support system and machining requirements.
  • Design for Manufacturing (CAD/CAE/CAM) - Design engineers follow the “Keep it Simple” principle for Design for Manufacturing. We follow the factors of project scope, time to market, pricing, tools and competition to optimize production plans, analyze quality, and respond to changes affecting processes.
  • Prototyping and Machining - Our quick turn, low cost production and prototyping are unmatched. Transtecs wants to develop more than a simple business relationship; we want to be your prototyping partner.
  • Test and Evaluation - Transtecs engineers are responsible for reviewing and analyzing the results of tests conducted on major systems to ensure components meet specifications.
  • Acquisition and Supply Chain Management - We oversee the acquisition and delivery of materials, information, and operations as they move in a process from vendors, supplier to Transtecs and our customers.
  • Develop, Test and Integrate C4I - Our dedicated engineers provide integrated C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence) and information technology systems to help secure our air space and seaports; and to deliver end-to-end engineering support allowing for mission success.
  • Systems Life Cycle Support - Transtecs implements effective and affordable systems lifecycle support of fielded and out of production systems, including obsolescence, modernization/ modification, sustaining engineering, workload allocation, public-private partnerships, and system retirement.