Ship Alteration & Installation Support

Transtecs performs ship checks, static and dynamic calculations, engineering effort to design and develop as part of our Ship Alteration and Installation Support. We develop Ships Installation Drawings (SIDs), and provide onsite engineering functions, combat systems support, and update and correct selected record drawings. Our Ship Alteration and Installation Support solution include the integration of engineering and ship board analysis to perform calculations and design analysis, capture weight and moment data, develop ship check reports, and provide comprehensive technical data and specifications necessary to accomplish a full range of alterations, repairs, and improvements to naval ships and technical service when required.

Planning Support:

As part of installation or alteration preparations and planning, Transtecs prepares and revise Technical Work Documents (TWDs), which include Task Group Instructions (TGIs), Test Procedures Work Authorization Forms, and Engineering Specifications (E-SPEC). Job Summaries, as part of the TWD, include planning requirements; estimate, and schedule, such as developing Long Lead Time Material (LLTM) lists, Plan of Action and Milestone (POA&M), production estimate work sheets, detailed work procedures, or conversion of engineering data.

Ship Survey, Check, and Inspection:

Transtecs generates the required forms to gain authorization to conduct work on naval vessels, and complete all installation check-in and checkout, per technical Standards. We conduct logistics and engineering analysis and if interference or issues are identified, we document the complications. Transtecs conduct electronic ship checks, where our architects and engineers working side-by-side to perform analysis and sketches using Laptops or Tablets, with installed design software. As a result, Transtecs personnel will identify, analyze and sketch, and rely back to our team potential design, installation, or alteration issues electronically in real time.

Concept Design Support:

Transtecs perform Ship Systems and support utilities investigations to determine adequacy of existing resources relative to the proposed Test and Evaluation program/project. We develop engineering concepts and/or prototype drawings of proposed equipment and systems; and perform structural engineering studies, analysis, calculations, and assessments for development of conceptual, preliminary, or detailed designs for replicating actual shipboard systems and equipment to be installed.

Detailed Drawing Services:

Transtecs conduct analysis and inspections of the proposed Ship Systems to identify required modifications to existing equipment and utilities. Analysis includes spatial, utilities and structural implications relative to material, weight, handling, stowage, installation, repair and operation of equipment. We perform pre-installation design ship checks on the required ships to verify current configuration of spaces, equipment, utilities, and power interfaces. Transtecs then develops a complete drawing package that provides sufficient assembly, manufacturing details, and associated information to permit fabrication, installation, and operation of shipboard systems and equipment. Our drawing packages include system diagrams, machinery/equipment arrangements, piping arrangements and details, structural and foundation drawings, electrical diagrams, details of utilities connections, and more. All drawings are generated with the latest Software packages.