Training & Simulation Support

Transtecs conducts technical training audits to ensure the technical adequacy, accuracy, and currency of all Technical Training Equipment (TTE), Training Devices (TD), training material/equipment and technical data at school houses around the world. We deliver all aspects of Curriculum Pre Planning efforts, Navy Training System Plans (NTSP) updates and/or development, curriculum development to include Interactive Media Instruction (IMI) such as 3D Interactive and Virtual Training and PC Simulation.

Transtecs achieves classroom/lab administration support to include installations, facility modifications, upgrades, and support of the development of TSIP’s and program management. We also assist in identifying, developing, and delivering training requirements to ensure proper planning and execution of Initial/Install, Interim and Life Cycle training for assigned weapon systems or equipment.

Transtecs Virtual Task Training

Transtecs Virtual Task Training (VTT) Lab provides interactive graphical content from IMI levels 1-3. Our interactive 3D content becomes a very powerful instructor tool when taking a 3D model and providing the ability to zoom in, provide real-time cutaway views of the equipment, change the rendering mode on the fly from full color, to line drawing mode, or even to an x-ray mode:

The instructor, or even the student, if reviewing the material on his/her own computer, can interactively stop an animation and zoom into and pan around an area of interest to ensure the point being made is fully understood. In the following example, the exterior of the Glock was interactively cut away and the view was altered to best show the position of the shell casing in relation to the extractor during a Cycle of Operation animation.

Our 3D models can be built to exacting standards, down to the lowest level of detail, or they can be built with less detail for higher level instruction, or when components are included as part of a systems familiarization.

See how we are helping the US Navy bring state-of-the-art virtual tools from the classroom to the deck plate in the following video.