3D Interactive & Virtual Training

Transtecs has been dedicated to helping our military forces close the gap between the conceptual knowledge taught in the classroom, and the procedural, hands-on knowledge taught to students in workshops or while deployed. We accomplish this task through the introduction of 3D interactive and virtual training solutions that improve the communication and comprehension of technical knowledge in the classroom, workshop, and operationally.

Based on a proven instructional design framework, Transtecs solutions will improve student test scores, and reduce failure rates, while also offering significant cost avoidance. Our training services accelerate learning by providing unlimited practice of installation, maintenance, and repair procedures using job guides and maintenance manuals.

At the heart of Transtecs’ 3D interactive and virtual training solutions are detailed knowledge objects, hi-resolution but low megabyte models, and accurate part specifications and definitions within realistic training environment(s). We develop detailed interactive trainers that provide a complete virtual representation of the system, allowing the student to train with the system to the degree required to complete the selected maintenance task(s).

We include an “advanced” Learning Management System that tracks user interactions within the training environment to allow an evaluation of what the student did right, and to evaluate inputs the student selected that were not part of the operator and maintenance process.

Transtecs’ 3D interactive and virtual training support assesses and analyzes your needs and requirements and delivers the right training solution with the capability to train students at the proficiency level required to successfully complete critical training tasks.