Curriculum Development

At Transtecs, we provide professional and technical support for the design, development, and maintenance of the various training course documents and the related administrative management support as required. Our Curriculum and Instructional Developers work closely with our customers to ensure curriculum updates, revisions and developments meet the configurations, conditions, and requirements established.

In the performance of curriculum revisions, updates and development, Transtecs’ interacts with the respective Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) closely to conduct course reviews, identify possible training deficiencies, validate curriculum documentation, and assist in developing a proposed timeline for completing the curriculum changes.

Superior Curriculum Development begins with a thorough understanding of the course requirements and impact of each development decision. Transtecs’ highly experienced technical staff applies effective analysis and course creation techniques to determine the optimum solution for each project. Ultimately, Transtecs provides current and accurate training course documentation and products to support new curriculum projects, revision, and change functions.

Transtecs curriculum development support, including:

  • Develop a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) in support of curriculum development
  • Training Project Plans (TPPs)
  • Course Training Task List (CTTL) by analyzing Job, Duty, Task, Analysis (JDTA) data
  • Business Case Analysis (BCA) and Course Training Task List (CTTL)
  • Training Course Control Document (TCCD) including Front End Analysis (FEA), Curriculum Outline of Instruction and Annexes
  • Lesson Plans and Trainee Guides
  • Testing Materials to include the Testing Plan, Knowledge Test Administration Guide (KTAG), Performance Test Administration Guide (PTAG) and the Master Test Bank