Technical Documentation & Interactive Electronic Manuals

Transtecs Technical Manual/Documentation (TM) and Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM), ranges from developing IETMs and converting legacy paper TM to ITEM to using TMs/IETM to align maintenance plans and procedures to specific configurations, system, and components.

Our technical editors and writers have decades of experience with TM and IETM development and support, including technical documentation and maintenance planning support on Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAPs). Transtecs’ workforce brings unparalleled TM and IETM knowledge and vision to our clients.

Our TM and IETM support include providing TM and IETM development and revision support for systems conversions, overhauls, alterations, modifications, installations, repairs and removal of associated equipment installed on SSNs, SSBNs, and SSGN’s, USN, Foreign Military, Coast Guard, MSC, FMS and Army ships, new, legacy and in-service ships.

We revise and change Interactive Electronic Tech Manual (IETMs) and hardcopy Technical Manuals (TMs) to reflect TM feedbacks from advisories and trip reports, hardware configuration changes resulting from alteration installations, and improvement and standardization programs via paper or electronically. Our editors and writers develop and prepare correspondence to Technical Manual Deficiency Evaluation Report (TMDER) originators as required.

To update TMs, we convert paper copies of TMs to Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) files, as required, using the latest or required version of the Government Standards, Format, and Styles. Transtecs use the latest software version of text editors to edit the Standard Generalized Markup Language files, publish using our customer’s Publishing System, and to provide a linked PDF file.

Information Modernization