Virtual Maintenance Training & Simulation

Transtecs’ Virtual Maintenance Training and Simulation is an integrated training system that includes a virtual environment-based maintenance training simulation that integrated with a hardware part-task trainer.

Using our maintenance training simulations, we shift student-training time from expensive platform instructors and full-up trainers - to - virtual reality simulations operating on workstations and fully modeled part-task trainers. We incorporate a Learning Management System to maintain student records as part of our maintenance training solutions.

Transtecs’ Virtual Maintenance Training and Simulation goal is to accelerate learning by providing unlimited practice of installation, maintenance, and repair procedures using job guides and maintenance manuals. We use realistic and highly detailed virtual models, equipment, systems, and hardware to provide a more realistic operations and maintenance-training environment.

Over time, schoolhouses and training centers will accelerate learning and improve comprehension, remove bottlenecks, increase throughput, and overcome limited training time by using our interactive 3D simulations when teaching maintenance procedures.


See how we are helping the US Navy bring state-of-the-art virtual tools from the classroom to the deck plate in the following video.