Project Experiences

At Transtecs, an agile delivery framework, ISO 9001-certified principles, CMMI Level 3 SVC-DEV improvement methods, and Software as a Services (SaaS) applications institutionalize flexibility and focus throughout the organization and at every phase of a contract and task order operation. As a result, Transtecs has won back most, if not all, of our contracts from existing clients, proving Transtecs delivers what we promise and achieve customer satisfaction.


Our insights and understanding of requirements regularly translate into cost savings and performance efficiencies, measurable in terms of reduced learning curves, quality of service, and effective implementation of Software as a Services (SaaS) applications and technologies.

22 office locations in 10 states and District of Columbia 

By the Numbers

Transtecs Corporation is a certified Woman Owned Small Business specializing in Marine-Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing, Management, Virtual Training, and Logistics. We offer technologically advanced and innovative products, services, and solutions for several sectors within the Government and can handle projects of any size.