At Transtecs, we adhere to our certified International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001:2015, Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 defined processes, Project Management Institute (PMI)-based management components, and an Agile delivery framework to achieve operational excellence for the Federal Government.

Transtecs' agile processes have earned the ISO 9001:2015 certification and CMMI Level 3 appraisal. These certifications benchmark our approach and capability in delivering engineering solutions and managed technical services, including IT, network services, and prototyping services to the commercial industry and Federal Government.

Transtecs' agile framework and processes define and control program requirements and service components and maintain accurate project configuration information. Our software as a service (SaaS) business applications automates portions of our agile delivery strategy. The SaaS applications and tools provide visibility into the actual progress of a project work against the budget, projections of anticipated project schedule, and cost trends. In addition, our approach integrates ISO 9001:2015 quality principles, providing a coherent strategy for improving service quality and ensuring customer satisfaction. Finally, for all tasks to be successful, Transtecs delivers a CMMI Level 3 and PMI-based oversight support methodology that combines our Agile delivery framework with the Project Management Body of Knowledge® Guide, which we have used on more than 30 of our past and present contracts (FFP, FFPLOE and CPFF).

How we Deliver your Mission Objectives

We Deliver

Benefits and Results

We use our 25+ years of experience, understanding, and past performance to deliver value-driven solutions that exceed your project's mission objectives and achieve results.

Minimal –to-no risk of transition and performance of your project, and effective management of your mission objectives to identify and eliminate risk and waste, and increase efficiency.

A Single Point of Contact between you and our Managers so we maintain a strong partnership through the length of service.

Enables proactive responses to questions and decreases communication risk by promoting collaboration, responsiveness, and efficiency for the partnership.

Use of SaaS business applications that delivers a 24x7 status and visibility into your mission for real-time communications, actionable management reporting, and accurate delivery of information

Promotes transparency, timely communication, and a well-informed project and team by providing a collaborative environment that fosters involvement to align goals and objectives better

An agile and collaborative environment focused on quickly developing solutions for your project or improving your current project's processes by applying flexibility, certified practices, automation tools, and quality measures

A technical solution specifically designed to address your project requirements, mitigate implementation risk, achieve cost-saving goals, and improve quality by delivering a foundation for process standardization

Continuous Process Improvement, based on our ISO 9001:2015-certified process and a commitment to quality, which is a core part of Transtecs' culture, and includes independent quality reviews of your project and dedicated process improvement professionals

Process improvement plan that covers areas critical to your project's mission and project goals by continuously monitoring progress and performance and identifying areas to maximize efficiency

An Agile delivery framework to project management focused on work scope, schedule, cost elements, and automating repetitive tasks. These process solutions map directly to the requirements of the PMBOK® Guide and have been appraised to CMMI Level 3

25+ years of experience applying an Agile delivery approach to projects enables 100% customer focus and eliminates anything that does not add value to you and your project. Transtecs' management approach emphasizes flexibility and standardization to achieve your project satisfaction.