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Virtualization/Network Management and Network Architecture

Transtecs evaluates hardware, software, processes, and procedures to support capacity planning, performance improvements, and cost-benefit analysis. In addition, we assist with the migration of management software, multi-tiered storage and databases, backup/recovery/failover, networks, integrated operations, application hosting, and application migration. Our team supports Government IPTs and system engineering review events, develops and reviews technical documentation, supports operational and technical feasibility studies, assesses digital-twin and simulation data; and provides support with risk and impact assessment as a result of roadmap changes and technology refreshments and emerging technology insertions.

We continue to support establishing and delivering Enterprise-level Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) hosting models, and migration of applications/systems from physical to virtual (P2V). In addition, Transtecs provides support in developing and maintaining program cloud strategy. We define and design hybrid cloud solutions and then support the application integration process into cloud architectures and Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP+) Plus requirements. Our support involves developing cloud procedures, implementing continuity of operations processes, performing application development, conducting test use cases, and generating specialized engineering support plans.

Information Assurance/Cybersecurity Support

Transtecs supports research, development, application, test, and evaluation projects relating to efforts to replace obsolete equipment, install updated technology, and implement cybersecurity initiatives. Our professionals support all phases of project delivery, including requirements analysis, prototyping, hardware design, software development, and final product testing. Overall, Transtecs is delivering technical support for system cybersecurity requirements and planning. In addition, we assist with the documentation of policies and procedures for performing cybersecurity scanning and testing of all applications, operating systems, services, interfaces, and system components per the guidelines provided in the DISA Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-171, and for applying security patches following the DoD Information Assurance Vulnerability Management (IAVM) process.

Furthermore, our professionals are developing Risk Management Framework (RMF) package documentation required for Authority To Operate (ATO)-submission, which includes the following components: Platform IT (PIT) Determination package documentation, System Categorization Form, Information System Continuous Monitoring Strategy (ISCM), Security Plan (SP), Step Concurrence forms, Plan of Actions and Milestones (POA&M), Security Assessment Plan (SAP), Security Assessment Report (SAR), Risk Assessment Report (RAR), Security Authorization Package, CYBERSAFE Certification, Package Endorsement Letters.

Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Transtecs' developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) based, Adaptive Learning (AL) featured training software achieves performance-based training, data streaming and collection, and automated recommendations for the training at the point of need (PoN). Our AI-based training software transforms the traditional learning processes and capabilities into an adaptive environment that responds, in real-time, to learner needs. We leverage open-source software solutions and products to develop our AI-based training software that incorporates AL algorithms and technologies to improve learning effectiveness/efficiency and increase learner perceptions of mastery and self-efficacy. Improved learning mastery directly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of Warfighter readiness.

C4I Software Evaluation, Development, Services

Transtecs currently performs software design, development, and modification using Development, Security, Operations (DevSecOps) principles derived from Agile methodologies. At Transtecs, we work in a team-based Agile environment. Our customers specify high-level requirements or capabilities to our Agile team. We then use modified Agile processes to develop and estimate user stories and establish acceptance criteria, metrics, and the Minimum Viable Capability Release. Our team also implements DevSecOps strategies, continuous delivery pipeline, and DevSecOps metrics relevant to the project, including (not limited to) Lead Time, Deployment Frequency, the Mean Time to Recovery, and the Change Fail rate.

Our Agile team increases CI/CD/CT capabilities during software development by implementing automation components into our integration, delivery, and testing pipeline while also reducing the time to move approved code from development to production. We further improve processes by streamlining and integrating enhanced security practices within our CI/CD pipeline and automating code repository management, configuration management, code branching/merging, testing code coverage, and code scans.

Desktop & Mobile Training Solutions

Transtecs is helping our military forces close the gap between the conceptual knowledge taught in the classroom and the procedural, hands-on learning taught to students in workshops or while deployed. We are accomplishing this task by introducing 3D interactive and virtual training solutions that improve the communication and comprehension of technical knowledge in the classroom, workshop, and operationally. Based on a proven instructional design framework, Transtecs solutions improve student test scores and reduce failure rates while also offering significant cost avoidance. Additionally, our training services accelerate learning by providing unlimited practice of installation, maintenance, and repair procedures using job guides and maintenance manuals.

At the heart of Transtecs' 3D interactive and virtual training solutions are detailed knowledge objects, hi-resolution but low megabyte models, and accurate part specifications and definitions within realistic training environment(s). In addition, we develop exact interactive trainers that provide a complete virtual representation of the system, allowing the student to train with the digital system to the degree required to complete the selected maintenance task(s). Finally, we include an "advanced" Learning Management System that uses xAPI information to track user interactions within the training environment, evaluate what the student did right, and assess inputs the student selected that were not part of the operator and maintenance process.

Virtual Training Environment Development

Transtecs' Virtual Maintenance Training and Simulation is an integrated training system that includes a virtual environment-based maintenance training simulation integrated with a hardware part-task trainer. Using our maintenance training simulations, we shift student-training time from expensive platform instructors and full-up trainers - to - virtual reality simulations operating on workstations and fully modeled part-task trainers. In addition, we incorporate a Learning Management System to maintain student records as part of our maintenance training solutions. Transtecs' Virtual Maintenance Training and Simulation goal is to accelerate learning by providing unlimited practice of installation, maintenance, and repair procedures using job guides and maintenance manuals. We use realistic and highly detailed virtual models, equipment, systems, and hardware to provide more realistic operations and maintenance-training environment. Over time, schoolhouses and training centers will accelerate learning and improve comprehension, remove bottlenecks, increase throughput, and overcome limited training time by using our interactive 3D simulations when teaching maintenance procedures.

See how we are helping the US Navy bring state-of-the-art virtual tools from the classroom to the deck plate in the following video.

STAVE: Next Generation Training From Classroom to Deckplate

Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) Development

Transtecs' Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) Development Lab provides interactive graphical content from IMI levels 1-3. We boast a development team whose sole purpose is to design, develop, and deliver high-quality IMIs and Complex Media products to the US military and industry. The Transtecs IMI Development team is entirely in-house, and we use no consultants or outside contractors. All IMIs and Complex Media development is coordinated with the curriculum development team to ensure material correctly supports the course material.

With over 17 years of modeling and animation experience plus 15+ years of dedicated experience designing, developing, and delivering interactive simulations, Transtecs houses one of the most experienced designer-developers in the country. Our IMIs and Complex Media products have become powerful instructor tools at the schoolhouses. We build our IMIs to exacting standards, down to the lowest level of detail or with minor detail for higher-level instruction when we include components for systems familiarization. Our IMIs allow students to zoom in, provide real-time cutaway views of multipart systems, and change the rendering mode on the fly from full color, line drawing mode, or even to an x-ray mode. In addition, students can interactively stop a simulation and zoom into and pan around an area of interest to ensure the lesson topic is fully understood.

xAPI Enabled Gaming Simulation Application

Transtecs' advanced gaming applications apply training strategies that capitalize on the inherent strengths of immersive, virtual environments to provide students with the capability to achieve knowledge, ability, proficiency, and skill. Our xAPI-enabled, game-based training applications provide immersive-interactive simulations of mechanical layout exploration, system and sub-system familiarization, maintenance training, and system operation testing. Additionally, the gaming application streams and collects xAPI assertions from the student's assessment activities to estimate competency levels and recommend additional or new training avenues. Our gaming functionality and high-fidelity virtual environment deliver the necessary immersion for interactive training simulations. The gaming simulation applications delivered are highly reusable, economical, and low-risk alternatives to using actual equipment.

Transtecs Corporation Unity Video

Curriculum Development and Update

At Transtecs, we provide professional and technical support for planning, analyzing, designing, developing, and maintaining various training course documents and administrative management support. In addition, our Curriculum and Instructional Developers work closely with our customers to ensure curriculum updates, revisions, and developments meet the configurations, conditions, and requirements established. In the performance of curriculum revisions, updates, and development, Transtecs interact with the respective Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) closely to conduct course reviews, identify possible training deficiencies, validate curriculum documentation, and develop a proposed timeline for completing the curriculum changes. Transtecs curriculum development support involves:

  • ● Manpower, Personnel, and Training (MPT) Documentation
  • ● Training Systems Development and Installation Plan
  • ● Training Systems, Delivery & Installation
  • ● Develop a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) in support of curriculum development
  • ● Training Project Plans (TPPs)
  • ● Job, Duty, Task, Analysis (JDTA)
  • ● Course Training Task List (CTTL) Documentation
  • ● Business Case Analysis (BCA)
  • ● Training Course Control Document (TCCD)
  • ● Front End Analysis (FEA), Curriculum Outline of Instruction and Annexes
  • ● Lesson Plans, Job Sheets, and Instructor/Trainee Guides
  • ● Testing Materials to include the Testing Plan, Knowledge Test Administration Guide (KTAG), Performance Test Administration Guide (PTAG) and the Master Test Bank

Instructor Support Services

Transtecs supports schoolhouse and Mobile Training Team (MTT) instructional training events at various schoolhouses, learning centers, and onboard Navy vessels. In addition, we execute the training course curricula in accordance with the prescribed course schedule, and we complete the required administrative tasks required to deliver formalized instructional support. Our instructor training supports the formal course curriculum as developed and provided, and we achieve instructor support services under the coordination of the Learning Site Commanding Officer, Training Officer, and Course Supervisor.

Ship Change and Ship Alteration (SHIPALT)

Transtecs performs ship checks, static and dynamic calculations, and engineering efforts to design and develop as part of our Ship Alteration and Installation Support. Additionally, we create Ships Installation Drawings (SIDs), provide onsite engineering functions, combat systems support, and update and correct selected record drawings. Our Ship Alteration and Installation Support solution includes integrating engineering and shipboard analysis to perform calculations and design analysis, capture weight and moment data, and develop ship check reports. In addition, we currently provide comprehensive technical data and design specifications necessary to accomplish a full range of alterations, repairs, and improvements to naval ships and technical service when required.

Alteration Installation Team (AIT) Support

Transtecs is a NAVSEA Approved AIT contractor and has successfully supported Regional Maintenance Center and Naval and Private Shipyards for over ten (10) years, performing a variety of alterations, overhauls, removals, and installations on over 200 Navy Hulls. Our AITs have experience with the NAVSEA SHIPMAIN and Regional Maintenance Center's RMMCO Processes. Additionally, Transtecs completed, or is currently completing, requirements that consist of approximately 1,155 C4ISR subtasks on 145 platforms of all classes located at naval activities and shipyards. Subtasks covering multiple shipboard systems include hardware/software design, component removal and installation, testing and evaluation, and instructor training. Our ongoing AIT support includes Interior Communication systems, C4I systems, Computer-Network systems, ISR systems, IA systems, Multi-Media systems, and Cryptosystems.

C4ISR/C5ISR Hardware/Software Engineering & Integration

We support C4ISR/C5ISR networks, systems, sensors, applications, and information systems that are currently CONOPS, in-production, operational, or requiring an upgrade. C4ISR/C5ISR Hardware/Software systems Transtecs supports are specialized afloat, ashore, and airborne networks that enable net-centric operations, including Command and Control (C2) in naval, joint, allied, or coalition operations. Additionally, we provide systems engineering support related to the core competencies of technology and architecture development, network analysis, modeling, and simulation, network convergence, network timing, network security, certification and governance, network and information system applications, network management and monitoring, network and computer operations, and production and manufacturing processes.

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

Transtecs is conducting planning, development, production, procurement, and sustainment of logistic products for systems and equipment. Additionally, we support hardware, equipment, and systems installed on US Navy new acquisition/construction aircraft, ship, and submarine platforms and coordinate Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) updates associated with life-cycle sustainment planning and execution for the platform systems and equipment. Our Core Delivery Areas:

  • ● ILS Certification Support
  • ● Acquisition/Logistics Program Support
  • ● Level of Repair Analysis (LORA)
  • ● Design Interface/Maintenance Planning (DI/MP)
  • ● Logistic Support Analysis (LSA)
  • ● Aviation/Ship Integration (A/SI)
  • ● Technical Manual/Publication Development
  • ● Maintenance Scheduling/Management
  • ● Manpower, Personnel, and Training Support
  • ● Support Equipment (SE)
  • ● Logistics Configuration Data Management
  • ● Configuration Support and Analysis
  • ● Supply, Packaging, Handling, Storage, Transportation

System Modernization

Transtecs provides all required labor, materials, and resources to integrate and modernize aviation, shipboard, and shore-based systems. Modernization services include fabrication of related components, platform installations, material support and Quality Assurance inspection, and our modernization and integration support covers component-level digital upgrades through system-level upgrades. Systems shall include HM&E and Electronic, C5ISR, Information Systems, SATCOM, and network-centric warfare. Engineering services and activities include:

  • ● Evaluation and Assessments
  • ● Technical Data Packages Creation
  • ● Installation Drawing Reviews
  • ● Standards Compliance, Definitions, Development, and Management
  • ● Technical Reference Architecture
  • ● Engineering Analysis
  • ● Enterprise Risk Management
  • ● Systems Engineering Processes and Tools

Engineering and Technical Support

Transtecs supports the evaluation of both existing and developing technologies, hardware, and software. Additionally, we aid in the goal of assisting the Department of Defense (DoD) in identifying, implementing, developing, improving, and enhancing C5ISR, Information Systems, SATCOM, and network-centric warfare concepts. We currently deliver system evaluations and trade study submission, network management and architecture support, design assessment-development, software analysis/engineering, system implementation/integration, onsite technical assistance, lab test & evaluation, and information assurance/cybersecurity.